The Military Times Foundation, established in 2019, stands as a beacon of support for over 500 organizations, businesses and families annually, championing their causes with no-cost advertising. The Military Times Foundation provides no-charge media campaigns to VSOs and meticulously crafts promotional strategies to support the specific needs and goals of each VSO. The foundation fosters symbiotic relationships with military and veteran organizations, continuously finding new ways to give back. As an extension of Military Times, the foundation exemplifies how the publication puts philanthropy at equal importance with quality journalism for the military community.

Donating Free
Media to VSOs

No-charge advertising to over 50 VSOs per year, prioritizing VSOs who support Gold Star Families and programs for Gold and Blue star children.

Veteran Businesses

Supporting over 200 small businesses per year with no-charge print and digital classified advertising with Military Times in print and online.

Providing Free

Offering over 250 families each year with free obituaries for loved ones who passed away but were previously service members.